About Us

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Salon History

The David Salon first opened its doors in November 1993. David Bickle, owner and operator, has been a hairdresser in the Orange County area for over 40 years. Upon opening, The David Salon was a sixteen-station salon that offered various hair care services. After five years of rapid growth, it became necessary to expand not only the size of the salon but the services as well. In September 1998, The David Salon moved across the street to the new location at 355 Bristol Street, Suite D, Costa Mesa, CA. 

 The David Salon was voted “Salon of the Year” by Salon Designers in 1994 and “Best Hair Salon” by the Orange County Register in 1995; named one of the “Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons” in 1997 and 2004 by Salon Today Magazine; and received an honorable mention in Salon Today Magazine in 1998. 

 Today, The David Salon operates with 27 employees, including three managers, 24 stations, two restrooms, a brow bar, a reception desk, a breakroom, a laundry room, a color bar, a shampoo area, and an office. 

Our Vision

The David Salon aspires to create an atmosphere that attracts quality individuals interested in their personal and professional growth. Learning at the David Salon is viewed as the essence of life — always being a student, showing a desire to grow, and being willing to embrace change. We hope to create an environment where all team members can exhibit social graces that show respect for clients and co-workers.  

 We focus on developing self-directed individuals who embrace accountability to themselves and The David Salon. Our goal is to make mentoring a cornerstone of strength for everyone and to have the grace to teach and the humility to listen. 

Our Mission

The David Salon is in the business of providing the ultimate salon experience. We hold ourselves to the strictest standards of our industry through continuing education and personal growth. Your satisfaction is our success. 

Values and Statements of Meaning


  • Supports and encourages one another; helps other team members whenever possible 
  • Stays aware of the surroundings (promotes positive culture) as part of the solution 
  • Is sensitive to client and staff needs 
  • Supports a common goal and moves forward with the team 
People Lining Up
Respecting Old Woman


  • Becomes aware of different personalities and considers other people’s values (appreciates the values in all of us) 
  • Treats fellow teammates and clients with equality 
  • Is conscious of other’s belongings and space 
  • Understands the situation of others (able to put oneself in other people’s shoes) 


  • Communicates effectively via phone, from front desk to clients; ensures correct service, courtesy, and accurate bookings 
  • Communicates clearly with everyone, from stylists to clients; ensures compatibility, trust, and satisfactory outcomes 
  • Communicates clearly with everyone, from stylist to assistant, to build strong relationships for future growth 
  • Communicates clearly with David Salon staff and clients; increases retail sales, bookings, and referrals, which builds respect and loyalty 
Woman Communicating
People Looking At The Wall


  • Shows up on time 
  • Is capable of asking others for help 
  • Stands up for themselves and others 
  • Performs relevant duties and responsibilities